From the Latest Album, 'Gu Deas'

Màiri’s album, ‘Gu Deas‘, features songs mostly learned from recordings of South Uist tradition bearers, given contemporary arrangements.

The album was arranged and produced by the creative and talented Mhairi Hall.  Including Mhairi (harmonium, piano, flute and whistle), it features wonderfully talented musicians, Megan Henderson (fiddle and voice), Ali Hutton (bodhrán, guitar, whistle and great highland bagpipes), and Rachel Newton (clàrsach, electric harp and voice).

Gu Deas is now available


Music Videos

Mairead nan Cuiread

Mairead nan Cuiread from Gu Deas. The video created by Domhnall Eoghainn MacKinnon, Macanta Media, tells the story of a disagreement between two women. The woman telling the story asks the other, why she is spreading rumours about her.  She says this is something she wouldn’t do, as they have quite different outlooks on life.  

Cailleach Mhor Stadhlaigh

An excerpt from Cailleach Mhòr Stadhlaigh (Big Hag of Stadhlaigh), one of the songs on Gu Deas.  The song is a satire directed at those who believe in ghosts.

The song describes the encounter between a man and his horse with a big and frightening phantom old woman.  Stadhlaigh is on the moorland North Uist.